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Kat Toronto, Soho, 2015 Photo by Ki Price


Madame Soho is an online fashion, music, art and culture publication created, curated, and edited by ‘reformed character’ Ki Price and ‘Cockney rebel’and writer Ray Kinsella.

Our aim is to document Soho’s historic counterculture and explore her corporate takeover – which is draining the blood from London’s creative heart.

Our concept emphasises space, identity, history, and independent creative culture, all of which are interconnected and have made Soho the vibrant heartbeat of London.

Madame Soho is a reference to the lady of the house and a nod to Madame Jojo’s. Because Soho has historically been the city’s red light district and a sanctuary for youth subcultures, we feel it is important to subvert the notion of otherness and patriarchy, and champion gender and class equality.

Therefore we have feminised Soho and cast her as the maternal figure: she has embraced, nurtured and cared for all of these various marginalised social groups  and loved them unconditionally. Within her backstreets, much of the UK’s fashion, style, music, art and popular culture has been stirred before spilling out into mainstream society.

Our vision is to connect to the spaces around the world that embody a similar independent spirit to Soho, while simultaneously producing passionate, revealing and exciting content in fashion, music, art and culture.

For all Photography enquiries contact: ki@madamesoho.com

For all Editorial enquiries contact: ray@madamesoho.com





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