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Art & Culture: Smiler’s photographs of London’s squatters between the 1970s and 1990s, and the relevance of Soho in 2015

At a time when England’s youth face severe oppression by the Tory government due to a despicable housing crisis and drastic benefit cuts, Smiler’s ICA exhibition featuring London’s squatters has a deeply visceral resonance. Smiler, aka Mark Cawson captured London’s counterculture during three decades of social and political upheaval in the

Art & Culture: Judy Chicago: Star Cunts and other Attractions

A few weeks back, while lazing in the afternoon sun in the park at Soho Square, we found ourselves immersed in conversation about etymology. This moved swiftly from the ways in which words change over time, to the ways that social groups reclaim words from mainstream institutions of power. If

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