Madame Soho Featured in the West End EXtra: Views of Old School Soho

Josh Weller Soho street shoots taken in Soho,London, September 8th , 2012..Photos by Ki Price

Josh Weller in Soho Photo by Ki Price


Soho Street Shoots Series Photo by Ki Price

Our ethos at Madame Soho is about the representation of people, place and culture across space and time.

Our vision is to capture the spirit of Soho both past and present, filter it through our lens and connect to the other Sohos of the world that encompass a similar aesthetic.

Just over five weeks old, Madame Soho has already been contacted by various fashion, art and media people interested in collaborative work.

And last Friday, we were warmly received by the widely read London newspaper, West End Extra .

Click the link below to read our review:

Words by Ray Kinsella Photos by Ki Price

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