About Us

A Child of the Jago photoshoot, Soho 2015 Photo by Ki Price

A Child of the Jago photoshoot, Walkers Court, Soho 2015
Photo by Ki Price

Hey, readers!

We thought we better tell you a little bit about ourselves.

Madame Soho is an online fashion, music, art and culture publication fusing first class photography by Ki Price with intricate writing by Ray Kinsella. Our focus is mainly, but not exclusively, on London’s Soho both past and present.

Disillusioned with traditional education, Ray dropped out of school aged 14. He became a full time fantasist, a disaffected youth and spent his days wandering around the streets of Soho and the council estates of Islington where he grew up. It was between those places and the record shops of Dalston, East London that he became interested in fashion and music. Soon after, he got involved in London’s acid house scene and began putting on parties. The diversity of the people he met changed his life forever.

Years later, and with a strong desire to communicate his experiences of life through the written and spoken word, he returned to study; first on an access course, and then onto the University of London where he gained a degree in English literature, and an MA in English and Cultural Theory.

Afterwards, he gained experience in the fashion industry at Nick Knight’s prestigious SHOWstudio.com, and then with Jefferson Hack and Rankin’s style bible, Dazed and Confused.

Ray writes for various fashion, art and style magazines.

From an early age, Ki took a camera with him everywhere he went. During his teens, he escaped the restrains of his Dorset home and ran away with the fair. Soon after, he landed in London where he fell in with a bunch of New Age travellers. He began documenting the scene through photos and organising squat parties. It was during this time that he became aware of his love for all things punk.

After a successful spell as a news and portrait photographer, Ki moved into fashion photography. He shoots regularly for the legendary social activist and designer, Vivienne Westwood and her progeny, Joe Corre, the founder of exclusive lingerie company, Agent Provocateur and owner of subversive clothing brand, A Child of the Jago.

As Madame Soho, our aim is to explore and document the changing nature of Soho and the area’s fashion, music and culture, and create a dialogue with all the other Soho’s worldwide that embody a similar bohemian aesthetic.

If you would like to contribute to our publication feel free to contact us, we would love to hear from you.

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