R.I.P David Bowie: The Passing of a Modern Cultural Legend


‘Ashes to Ashes’ courtesy of the artist ZOOBS Words by Ray Kinsella

Glancing at one of the trashy, national rags and observing the strapline ‘Rock icon dies aged 69’ conjures up feelings of real, raw emotion. It’s an understatement to pronounce David Bowie as simply an iconic musical figure.

Bowie was a genius – a modern cultural legend – and will be sorely missed by millions. His contribution to modern life was immense, not simply musical nor purely aesthetic, but also social, political and fantastical.

Writing this piece is extremely difficult as it’s hard to put into a few words the positive impact that Bowie has had on music, art, fashion, literature, identity and politics – he was a true modernist working from the heart.

His creativity not only styled and defined a generation, but has also continually influenced generations since the early 1970s. Bowie’s art transcended the limitations of mainstream social frameworks and touched the souls of many in ways that few ‘rock icons’ do. The genius’ artistic integrity has encouraged authenticity in individuals and groups of people across the social spectrum.

The time has come for the passing of a modern cultural legend from the physical world to the other world – a world that Bowie was all too familiar with here on earth.

David Bowie, you will be truly missed. Rest in Peace. Madame Soho xx


Image by ZOOBS the artist Words by Ray Kinsella

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